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Keighley Furniture Project was established as a charity in 1979. It was set up to help people who are on low incomes and are needing household items. We have been collecting donations of furniture and household items (everything from lamps to fridges!) In 2005 we won the West Yorkshire Environmental


Am I eligible for furniture or white goods? To obtain items from Keighley Furniture Project you must provide proof of current benefit, including pension.  You need to show this  every time you would like items.  You are then able to choose what you require.  Suggested donations are displayed on every


At Keighley Furniture you can help by donating old or unwanted furniture to aid us in our work. Our aim is simple in that when people are housed we wish for them to live comfortably. We really strive so that people can make their houses into homes. What are the

Selection of furniture
Selection of furniture

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