About Us

About us

Keighley Furniture Project was established as a charity in 1979. It was set up to help people who are on low incomes and are needing household items. We have been collecting donations of furniture and household items (everything from lamps to fridges!) 

We are able to help people from all kinds of walks of life and understand that people’s situations differ. It’s great that in our community people are housed, but, we take it one step further and give people the opportunity to turn their house into a home.

We recycle and re-use furnishings to aid our environment and produce a solution that benefits all.

In 2005 we won the West Yorkshire Environmental Business Award. We always strive to be of service to our community, reducing our impact on the environment. We are there to connect with and aid in community development.

West Yorkshire Environmental Business Award

People on benefits, pension, disability and low incomes come along to choose furniture and household items. Our premises enable us to accommodate large items and work with the council to achieve their recycling targets. 

The project is run on an environmental theme and has installed a wood burning boiler to heat the mill at a lower cost

We collect donated household items in Keighley /Skipton and surrounding areas to pass on to people who are low incomes. We are particularly interested in cookers, washing machines and fridges as we supply white goods to re-use for people needing a little help.

We are situated in Springfield mill, Oakworth Road in Keighley, it is a historical iconic landmark and the building is as much a part of our business as we are of it. We have managed to repair our unique clock on the tower. It is unusual as it has only three faces and a funny story to go along with it which can be read about it in the Keighley News. Read the full Story here

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Our Home at Springfield Mill
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