Am I eligible for furniture or white goods?

To obtain items from Keighley Furniture Project you must provide proof of current benefit, including pension.  You need to show this  every time you would like items.  You are then able to choose what you require.  Suggested donations are displayed on every item – please ask if you are unsure.

We offer a delivery service for a small charge or people may take the items themselves but this is at their own risk.

If you are eligible please come along and have a look – new furniture arrives several times a day!

We endeavour to work fairly. Our policy does not allow customers to save or reserve items which have not been paid for in full at the time. Records are kept as people can only obtain items for their own personal use and not for other people or to sell. Please take a minute to read our rules.

Electrical items are all Portable Appliance tested for safety and all appliances are checked to ensure that they are in working order.  Gas cookers are checked by a registered gas safety engineer.   All electrical and gas appliances should be installed by qualified electricians and gas engineers.

Engineer PAT testing a Washing Machine
PAT testing and cleaning electronics

Rules for obtaining household items

Please read the following rules which have been implemented after much thought, discussion and experience, to ensure that Keighley Furniture Project operates fairly, meeting the objects and criteria for which it was setup.

  1. Items are only available to the people in receipt of benefit for their own personal use, examples of benefit are: Working Tax Credits, Pension Credits, Disability Living Allowance, Housing Benefit. Proof of benefit must be shown to a staff member on every visit.
  2. Landlords, whether or not on benefit, are NOT eligible to obtain furniture from the project to furnish tenanted properties.
  3. It is fraud to obtain items from the Project primarily to ‘sell on’ to third parties.
  4. Items cannot be saved or deposits taken.
  5. Please ensure you have sufficient space for the items you choose.  Refunds or exchanges will not be given it an item does not fit.
  6. A delivery service is available.  If you decide to take items yourself they must be taken within 5 working days, otherwise they will be resold.
  7. Items will only be delivered to the address on the Invoice.
  8. Refunds will only be given within 5 working days if items are not working, and have been delivered using our delivery service. Gas and Electrical items not delivered by Keighley Furniture Project will not be covered by the 5 working day guarantee.
  9. Unfortunately staff cannot help load personal transport with any item obtained from Keighley Furniture Project for Insurance purposes.

If you are still unsure and wish to send us an question or inquiry contact us here

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